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SAFE gives an unvarnished account of life for today's teenager. The show looks at these teens from five distinct perspectives:  The perspective of their parents, examining the different family dynamics that often influence their paths for better or worse. The vantage point of community leader Kim Barker, a dedicated advocate for young people who serves as Director of the Barker Family Center, a local safe haven for teens and their families. The third viewpoint is that of the educators, the teachers and administrators struggling to protect the teens seeking education, and a way out, from those who threaten their potential. The last perspective is that of “the hood,” represented by Delroy “DJ” Halsey, a thirty five year old drug dealer who runs the “Game Room,” a local den of debauchery just a few blocks away from the Barker Family Center. The “Game Room” is a virtual free for all - drugs, sex, drinking - all sanctioned by the unquestioned boss, DJ. His unique perspective is that of a “survivor” who is doing what he must to insure that the kids of his “hood” survive too. Lastly, we see the teens through their own eyes, their story is told in their own collective voice.


The Creators

Why Safe?

"These kids live in a world where they aren't safe in their homes, aren't safe in their schools and aren't safe in their communities.  What are we going to do about that?" - Kim Barker character from SAFE

Show creators Aron Gadson and Noel Calloway are childhood friends from Harlem, NY who have collectively lived every aspect of this story.  The two men took different paths to end up at the same station - creators, fathers, entrepreneurs and advocates for the dreams of those in and from their community.  They’ve taken on the responsibility of uplifting young people through advocacy, education and entertainment.  SAFE is a vehicle to further that mission.  The show is unapologetic and presented in a form true to today’s young people.  The language is coarse, the situations are mature beyond what they should have to endure but it’s real.  Aron reminds us “when you’re from the ‘hood’ you don’t get to be sheltered from the ills of the world and just exposed to the good” this show represents that.  These characters will run the gauntlet but what’s most important is that these characters are all dreamers and we commit them to those dreams.  To answer the question - why SAFE? Noel’s response is telling - “…because it’s necessary and it’s good. We’re speaking to and for a population of people that deserve their voice to be heard.  We deserve to see ourselves as smart, flawed, strong, weak, good, bad and everything in between but in this show, we’re always portrayed with the honesty and care we don’t always get.”  



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